It’s almost Easter !

Easter Eggs painted

Ok, Everyone LOVES the holiday season! Somebody saying they don’t love holidays is just lying. No matter how long the holiday is, or what are we celebrating, it is always a good cause to spend some quality time relaxing and dining with family and friends.

I am not a christian, but I have A LOT of friends who are, and we always had a blast getting to celebrate triple holidays. CELEBRATE ALL THE HOLIDAYS!

Of course, as in everything, my researcher self came out in this one as well, and I looked up the mythology and history of easter. In the jeopardy of contrasting myself above, holidays are a pinch important relying on their meaning and histories, as well.

Turns out, the tradition of giving out colored eggs in Easter goes back to Anglo-saxon mythology. The Saxon goddess Eostre found a wounded bird and transformed it into a hare, so that it could survive the winter. The hare found out that it could lay eggs, so it decorated these eggs every spring to give to the goddess as a gratitude offering.

The more recent fact is that Eggs are forbidden during Lent, and when the holidays come over, it’s like a treat we have been keeping ourselves from for so long.

Intresting, i find !

The original eggs first given on easter were birds’ eggs, than today we customized this to hard boiled chicken eggs.

Then in 20th century, as chocolate became more widespread, the candy companies took this marketing advantage and started making chocolate eggs as an easter gift.

As a designer, I can say that this specific “canvas” has lot of room for creativity and versatility!

I just love the way they look 🙂

Meanwhile, enjoy more eggs!

I wish everyone a happy holiday and hope you get to spend it the way you expect !


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