Madonna (upcoming) Concert Goodies…

As I have made my promise, earlier today, I am now posting more concert t-shirts I made for clients. They gave me absolutely no idea and/or inspiration tips to help create my design process, but I think they turned out pretty well !

"Let the Music Play" red, orange, black and metallic painted on white cotton t-shirt

Have you seen the “surprise” notes on the side? I think they are *adorable* 🙂

I wanted something Music theme-y, so I came up with turning the actual word into notes, and always something playful helps, so I added” Play”. Hah, I have NO sense of humor.

"you're frozen when your heart's not open" lettering in black, red and metallic on mustard colored t-shirt

Oh and Frozen. Oooooh Frozen. Boy, do I love that song. I think it’s very meaningful and has a *teaching vibe* even back in the day, when modern day self-helps and positive thinkings were not so much widespread.

The beat is splendid and exquisite as well. I just love that song. And also Ray of Light. And all of that album. Gaaaaaah, I’m ranting:/  I might make myself one and wear it as I phone-listen to friends shaking it at the actual event. 😦

"Ray of light" close up

I’ll keep you posted for even more concert t-shirts and more!


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