For those of you who can’t survive without Coffee.


I used to drink a lot of coffee when I was in college, but now I am trying to cut back a little. I’m also a big fan of tea- any kind; green, black, herbal- so it is not a big problem when I cut on coffee, as I have an alternative to abuse .:)

But I know a lot of people who can’t face the day of light without a grande americano, including my mom! She makes a huge pot every morning, believe me, even the smell of it is enough to wake me up!

My coffee habits are  now limited to some caramel macchiato every two or three days, in the afternoon, when I am in the mood for some chilling.

What are your coffee habits? Are you a coffee person? I’d love your feedback,



2 thoughts on “For those of you who can’t survive without Coffee.

  1. I have been switching to tea more and more but still enjoy the daily grind 🙂 one large dark coffee . Live the tshirt

    • Yes, I also love tea, good point, I may make a design with a nice teacup some day 🙂
      But I find coffee way more addictive, so it’s a major issue.
      As long as you enjoy one cup, it’s fine!

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