Green glittery owlsomeness


I am going all aboard with this owl stuff, might as well try all the colors in the world! Like, um, glitter. This ultra soft green cotton tshirt is blessed with owlsome goodness!!

My logo at the back:


I am currently working on my Society6 profile, I will share it as soon as the online store is ready. As a default principal, I like to make my designs ( tshirts, dare I say) one of a kind, but some patterns and illustrations are so “in” and everyone seems to dig them, I make replicas of the same origin, or even the exact same.

So, if the design is not gonna be unique to the owner ( I shall say again, most cases, it is!) I will cooperate with sites such as Soceity6, so that there is someone to print it nice and good and ship it to the client for me.

I’ll keep posted!

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