Hellooooo everybody!

This weekend’s order was a music-themed design which involved highly around amps and guitars and stereo speakers. Which made me excited, actually, i always like a project that revolves outside of my comfort zone (which is animal cartoons-obviously)

This t-shirt actually made its way aaaaaalll the way to Italy! It was a design for an Italian photographer, who, apparently also enjoyed some quality electronic music.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the design&the pics!



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Selam herkese!

Bu haftasonu yaptigim tisort, muzik temaliydi. Oyle boyle bir muzik degil, amfiler, stereo hoparlorler ve elektronik gitarlar iceren bir muzik temasi! Aslinda bu tarz projeleri seviyorum, cunku yaraticiligimi alisilagelenin(hayvan cizimleri tabii ki 🙂 )disina dogru zorluyorlar.

Bir baska degisiklik ise bu tisort taaaa Italya’ya kadar gitti. Bu muzik temali tisort, elektronik muzik tutkunu Italyan bir fotografciya yapildi.

Umarim sizler de dizayni ve fotograflari begenirsiniz!



Guitar and 'marshall' brand amp illustration, designed and hand-painted by equin-co designs.
Guitar and ‘marshall’ brand amp illustration, designed and hand-painted by equin-co designs.

Drumroll! Cheer up for aspiring drummers

Drum set illustration and lettering hand painted and designed by equin-co™
In silver, black and multicolor on blue cotton t-shirt.


This week’s orders had me exhausted! I will post according to the category, BUT, the general theme was music/dance! Which got me excited because I always listen to music when I work.

Ok, maybe not *always* but often!


SO this weekend a very excited mom called me and asked for a drum design for her two young boys who apparently just picked up the instruments and oh-so-excited. It rubbed onto me, naturally, so I planned something festive and pop-artsy.

The blue one is for the bigger brother and the grey is for the younger sibling.

Drum set design and illustration, hand painted in silver, black and multicolor on grey cotton mix t-shirt by equin-co ™.


Enjoy it everyone, the music lovers, and a happy mom of even happier sons!

I love it when I have excited customers 🙂