Red Owl is surprised

I usually draw a rough outline to the design with a soft pencil, estimating the final outcome later on in color. This time, I was too lazy to get up and get a pencil, so I drew with the marker pen I had lying around on the table. Super lazy of me. 

The outcome, however, wasn’t too bad. The “trial lines”as that the art teachers call it, were all in red! Marker! As I sketched and darkened the spots even further, the owl got funnier. But that’s fine. I like how he is at the moment. 

Oh and btw, HAPPY SPRING, everyone!!

Today is officially the beginning of spring, my favorite season. 🙂

Come to think of it, I might even make a post later on today, about Equinox! The name has so many callings for puns, but I’m not gonna do it!


Homie, I’m Home!

"homedecor" decorative ornament
One of my best friends is getting married, and I was so long lost in the journey of finding a wedding gift, so unique that would tick all the boxes: satisfy her love for home, match her taste, describe our relationship and satisfy me.

I was browsing through a lot of stuff, and some of the things I came across were mainly art prints and/or paintings in frames. So, as a rough draft, as well as a reminder for myself, I sketched this one, who knows maybe it will turn out great in post editing and she will hang this up on her wall!

World’s Social Problems

Socially awkward

Having the social media at our fingertips, even more than ever today, makes us struggle a little in the material world. Being the “social” people we are in Facebook, twitter and whatnot , it seems to me that we forget how to act among the “friends” we so often interact via web, but not in face-to-face contact.

That, of course, results in awkward silences, not so fun moments, and most saddening of all, leaving us wanting to share a video to break the ice.

I would love to wear that shirt in public, maybe that’ll bring us something to talk about in case of emergencies!

Oh, there is the tshirt !

"Let's be awkward" writing in multicolor, glitter and metallic painted on white cotton t-shirt