Play Outdoors!


Probably one of the things I feel sad about kids today is, that they don’t get to enjoy outdoors any more. I mean, even if they *tried* to enjoy, there aren’t enough spaces like grass and play grounds. Not in cosmopolite cities anyway.

I’m not saying that computers and video games are *totally* bad ( heck, I even learned English playing video games!) but they absolutely don’t compare to outdoor activities.

A child’s mood, inner peace and connection with other beings in the world are directly related with spending time in the nature, interacting with animals and plants. At least I firmly believe so. And when I have a kid, I will make sure she/he spends plenty of time playing outdoors.

I didn’t mean it to be a promotional campaign kinda t-shirt, but I do enjoy the message it is giving!

Here is the shirt version of it, I liked how the colors turned out.


Do yourself a favor, and try to save sometime to walk, have a tea outside, or just play with your pet.

Connect with the world you live in !


-the girl who is capable of drawing extremely philosophic conclusions out of simplest things

I love shirts with writings!


I really do. 

I was working on an order, but having a “designer’s block” (hah! I laugh at myself as I write this, but hey) so I decided to do some rough drafts. I had a long tunic tshirt laying around, kinda like loungewear, you know. I don’t really wear it to sleep, but I don’t wear it outside either. (well, save for running errands maybe) 

After I unnecessarily elaborate the piece of fabric to you guys, I drew my design on! This is a permanent textile marker, not the 3D velvety paints I usually use. I don’t like to spend those precious paint on rough drafts, but I don’t like the look of textile marker very much either. But this one turned out pretty good. Maybe it’s the color of the marker, the texture of the shirt, or the stars were aligned, who knows?

Anyhow, here you go!



Keep Calm, Equin-co designs are here ..


An acquaintance ordered a “Keep Calm and blablabla…” tshirt. Well, we all know the hype in those and I should say I did dig some of them too.

But when it came to making something that someone out there already made, I was hesitant. Still, though, should I come up with the *idea* besides the design -lettering and illustration- and the application? In some cases, yes, I do. But every now and then, I take a popular and/or retro idea and add a twist to it, so it ends up being perfectly personal.

With this one, I thought, “Ok, I make tshirts, I might as well put a saying to this!” so that’s how I came up with that. She loved it, thankfully, which puts a smile on my face as well.


Going over board with creativity!


Whenever I make tshirts (or have an idea for a tshirt) I usually go for simple, clean cut, to the point designs. *Insert HUUUGE liar pinocchio nose*

No, but really 🙂 Although I *usually* go for refined, I have the tendency to appreciate the beauty of eclectic sometimes. The shirt above is no exception. I absolutely love typography, even more when the words are the perfect description! So why settle for one?:)

The key for mixing it up, though, is somehow try to keep a common ground, like letters, or only metallic, or objects that relate to a similar category. They *have* to meet somewhere! So that the whole design doesn’t end up looking like a mess.

I love the cut and the texture of this particular one here, the lettering only made it more awesome, i think :/


Red Owl is surprised

I usually draw a rough outline to the design with a soft pencil, estimating the final outcome later on in color. This time, I was too lazy to get up and get a pencil, so I drew with the marker pen I had lying around on the table. Super lazy of me. 

The outcome, however, wasn’t too bad. The “trial lines”as that the art teachers call it, were all in red! Marker! As I sketched and darkened the spots even further, the owl got funnier. But that’s fine. I like how he is at the moment. 

Oh and btw, HAPPY SPRING, everyone!!

Today is officially the beginning of spring, my favorite season. 🙂

Come to think of it, I might even make a post later on today, about Equinox! The name has so many callings for puns, but I’m not gonna do it!