Play Outdoors!


Probably one of the things I feel sad about kids today is, that they don’t get to enjoy outdoors any more. I mean, even if they *tried* to enjoy, there aren’t enough spaces like grass and play grounds. Not in cosmopolite cities anyway.

I’m not saying that computers and video games are *totally* bad ( heck, I even learned English playing video games!) but they absolutely don’t compare to outdoor activities.

A child’s mood, inner peace and connection with other beings in the world are directly related with spending time in the nature, interacting with animals and plants. At least I firmly believe so. And when I have a kid, I will make sure she/he spends plenty of time playing outdoors.

I didn’t mean it to be a promotional campaign kinda t-shirt, but I do enjoy the message it is giving!

Here is the shirt version of it, I liked how the colors turned out.


Do yourself a favor, and try to save sometime to walk, have a tea outside, or just play with your pet.

Connect with the world you live in !


-the girl who is capable of drawing extremely philosophic conclusions out of simplest things

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