You think you are Special?

"you think you are Special?" hand lettering in color

Although this might come off as “so you think you’re something, huh?” it actually is not. It’s merely a poking question where I am intentionally asking if you think you are special.

I always thought anyone is special, in their own way.

I mean, someone may have talent in music, some in painting, some in maths, and some in people skills. Some even may not know it until they are grown up, but one must never lose faith and hope in means of discovering their own spark.

I studied Advertising and PR in university, but I always dreamed of designing and drawing and creating stuff. Whether you are a curator or a collaborator or the artist himself, It’s so important to “create” something in a world where nearly all people consume and drain all resources.

Not that I don’t do it from time to time ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, this piece goes for everyone who may or may not think they are special, because I know you are!

happy weeks! xx



Live, love, laugh… Cut out t-shirt.

"live, love, laugh" writing in brown and red with metallic linings painted on white cotton fabric


Normally I don’t alter the t-shirts I am working with. I mean, I don’t style them with additional fabric, or anything that involves recreating the tshirt. I am only interested in the design *on* the t-shirt, so…

Well, this time I had the urge to cut open the front in heart shape and put a lighter color fabric to be painted on later on.

So this turned out the way it is, and the the orderer loved it!!

I hope you enjoy it, too !


Damn right, it’s better than yours.

Hahaha, sorry for the title!

I wanted to make an impression. Success? :/

So, I liked the remakes of “Milkshake” a catchy song by Kelis: you can listen to here.

It goes something like this:

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
Damn right, it’s better than yours
I can teach you, but I have to charge…..

Pretty hilarious! But I like the idea and funkiness that an artist can play with. ย 

How about my Rad Tees bring all the boys to the yard? I think yes.ย 

Have fun !

"My Rad Tees Bring All the Boys to The Yard" writing in white and yellow painted on brown cotton t-shirt


A close up, If you have a hard time distinguishing the writings all tangled up; like me! ๐Ÿ™‚

"My Rad Tees Bring All the Boys to The Yard" writing in white and yellow- Close up

Owls are Invading Us :)

"Owlsome" lettering- green, metallic and pearly painted on grey cotton t-shirt


As you already haven’t noticed, I have a thing for owls. It’s not *that* obvious, is it?

Well, I said earlier that I want to create a line *only* for “owsome”ness , as I tend to make more and more combinations of colors and style with the cute little letter O, turning into a baby owl. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, you enjoy these ones, and make sure you drop me a message if you want your own owlsome.

This one is in black-white filter:


Cheers, everyone!

Make sure you enjoy the last bits of your weekend! xx

Madonna (upcoming) Concert Goodies…

As I have made my promise, earlier today, I am now posting more concert t-shirts I made for clients. They gave me absolutely no idea and/or inspiration tips to help create my design process, but I think they turned out pretty well !

"Let the Music Play" red, orange, black and metallic painted on white cotton t-shirt

Have you seen the “surprise” notes on the side? I think they are *adorable* ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted something Music theme-y, so I came up with turning the actual word into notes, and always something playful helps, so I added” Play”. Hah, I have NO sense of humor.

"you're frozen when your heart's not open" lettering in black, red and metallic on mustard colored t-shirt

Oh and Frozen. Oooooh Frozen. Boy, do I love that song. I think it’s very meaningful and has a *teaching vibe* even back in the day, when modern day self-helps and positive thinkings were not so much widespread.

The beat is splendid and exquisite as well. I just love that song. And also Ray of Light. And all of that album. Gaaaaaah, I’m ranting:/ ย I might make myself one and wear it as I phone-listen to friends shaking it at the actual event. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

"Ray of light" close up

I’ll keep you posted for even more concert t-shirts and more!


Behind the Scenes, the Making Process!

I had this documenting-my-work-as-I-go thought in my mind for a while, but with this specific order I got from a collage friend, (who is very picky on things and likes them neat!) I decided to photograph my very basic steps.

The very first step to creation is- of course- come up with a design. I chill for a little bit, lounge, browse the web, listen to music, I don’t know, I do something that ย would alert my insides to sketch something.

After that part has come, I SKETCH! Doodle, play around, make variations of stuff what I like best, and what I assume the client would like best.

Then comes the application part. First I draw with a pencil. Because when I make mistakes, I can easily erase them. I align the design, set the size and draw!

design close up

After I manage to get through the pile of markers and tubes of paint and tons of sketch papers, I see my beautiful t-shirt between the clouds :p

I decide the colors, as in the sketch something may look good, but on the actual t-shirt, it is a whole new story. With white, i can guesstimate close enough, but especially with darker fabrics, I improvise, umm, almost always!

Besides, the textile paint comes in variations (glitter, metallic) of textures which is hard to mimic on sketch version. So basically, once I have the design idea, I play as I go. ๐Ÿ™‚

application of the final design

So you can see I already took a tube of red paint and started applying the design! This part is both fun and scary, because I don’t want to mess up big time with textile paint. I mean, If I do something tiny I can save it right away when it’s wet, but major screw ups are a No-no !

And the FINALE !

"Ray of Light" lettering in red, glitter and metallic painted on white cotton tshirt
"Ray of Light" close up lettering in red, glitter and metallic paint on white cotton t-shirt

Hope she appreciates the fact that I documented my steps and creation process for the Upcoming Madonna concertย in Turkey this June.

I will do more Madonna T-shirts posts in the coming days!