Keep Calm!

keep calm


And yet another “Keep Calm” madness… It has been quite a hit and there are a million derivatives out there, but I wanted to add my own!

There are so many “bitchiness” and short tempers and madness in the world, let me be the one that spreads the moto- chillax, dude.

Have a great week!

xx Ekin

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Veee, bir baska “Keep Calm” cilginligina benden bir eklenti.. Simdiye kadar milyonlarca turevi olusturuldu, hepsi de tutuldu, ben de kendiminkini ekleyeyim dedim!

O kadar sinir, stres, sirretlik var ki bu aralar, kime baksam, “bir rahatla yahu” diyesim geliyor.  Onlara ve umursamadan yasayanlara gelsin bu seri!

Suppper haftalar!

xx Ekin



Keep Calm and stop bitchin keep calm- black













Join the Dark Side!

I have officially made this weekend a Star Wars weekend… Not that I like the series. The movies, the story, the oozing awesomeness of the delightful lighty blades and the clothes… Gaaah, yes I LOVE Star Wars! I love all the galactic greatness!

Ok, now that I have calmed down, I can show you the t-shirt orders for this past weekend..

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Bu haftasonunu resmen Star Wars haftasonu ilan ettim diyebiliriz… Yani, sevdigimden degil. Filmi, hikayeyi, goz alici isik sacan isin kiliclari ve savaslarin muhtesem gorselleri ve kiyafetleri! Aaah, tamam tamam, Star Wars’a bayiliyorum! Tum galaktik muhtesemligin hastasiyim!

Tamam, sakinlestim.:) Sakinlestigime gore, aldigim siparisin muhtesem tisort versiyonunu size gosterebilirim 🙂




Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration by equin-co designs.


First, I almost always do a sketch. A draft, if you will. Unless it’s a design that I have done before (and perfected it by practice) or I am feeling super crazy-risque and just like an artist, hehehe.

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

Hemen hemen her zaman bir hazirlik skeci yaparim. Onceden yaptigim  (ve pratik ile kusursuzlastirdigim) bir tasarim ve deli cesareti geldigi zamanlar haric! Sanatci esintisi heralde hehehe.

Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration hand-painted on white cotton t-shirt by equin-co designs.


Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration hand-painted on grey cotton t-shirt by equin-co designs.




Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration hand-painted on white and grey cotton t-shirts by equin-co designs.


And, VOILA! The result was much much closer to the sketch than I expected. Shall I also say better? The shadows on Vader were a bitch to work on fabric, but boy was it worth it!


–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

Veeee, Sonuc! Tisortler, skece bekledigimden cok daha benziyordu. Bekledigimden daha da iyiydi dememe gerek var mi bilmem 🙂 Vader’in yuzundeki golge oyunlari kumasa cizerken biraz zorlasa da, kesinlikle degdi!

Afiyet olsun :p



Puppy Love !

I haven’t been updating posts here, because it’s been nuts busy in here! Well, not to keep you waiting that long, I’ve come to share some goodies that are already shipped and probably on their rightful owners’ chests! 🙂

Here are some puppy- dog illustrations and handmade equin-co t-shirts I’ve been creating lately.



Uzuuundur guncellemedigimi farkettim 🙂 Ama bunun tek nedeni kafami kasiyamamam! Yani, isin asli kasiyacak, oturup yazacak motivasyona sahip olmamam.. Simdilik (!) kisa bir paylasimla yeni yaptigim kopecikli tisortleri paylasacagim. Biraz idare etsin sizi heheheheh

Simdi coktaan balli sahiplerinin uzerlerinde saliniyorlar bu kopecikler.

Puppy love ismini verdigim koleksiyonumdan, kopek cizimleri, ilustrasyonlari ve tabii ki el yapimi equin-co tisortler!

Afiyet olsun 🙂


Close up- illustration from the t-shirt. Courtesy of equin-co™ designs.


“Puppy love” dog illustrations in black silver and red on white cotton t-shirt, courtesy of equin-co™ designs.


General view- “Puppy love” dog illustrations in black, silver and red on white cotton t-shirt. Courtesy of equin-co™designs.


“Puppy love” dog illustrations in white on navy blue cotton t-shirt. Design and application by equin-co™ designs.



“Puppy Love” dog illustrations in black on bright pink cotton t-shirt. Courtesy of equin-co™designs.


Close shot “Puppy love” dog illustrations in black on bright pink cotton t-shirt. Courtesy of equin-co™designs.


“Puppy love” dog illustrations in black on navy blue striped cotton t-shirt. courtesy of equin-co™designs.
“Puppy love” dog illustrations in black on navy blue striped cotton t-shirt. Design and application by equin-co™ designs.


Veeeee, unutmadan, ta da! Yeni kurdeleli etiketlerim 🙂 Detayci delilikte bir dunya markasiyim sanirim :/


Ribbons in bows- equin-co™ branding




Little owl, big owl. Everywhere filled with cuteness!

Hello everyone!!!

I haven’t been updating quite so often, but it’s only because the orders these couple of weeks were CRAZY. Good crazy, that is! I completely and utterly lose myself when I am in my creative progress, thus this “archiving” process becomes a procrastination beyond imagination!

Buuuuut, here we go !

Last week’s creations of these adorable little owls. An order for a twitter celebrity, if you will 😉

Two owls- two tshirts, owl figures and hand lettered words painted on pink and beige cotton t-shirts. Courtesy of equin-co™designs.


Two owls – owl figures and hand lettered words designed and painted by equin-co™designs.


Owl figure and letters designed and hand painted (in white and pink) on grey cotton t-shirt by equin-co™designs.


Have an AWESOME , oh, wait, scratch that, OWLSOME week, everyone!

P.S. I am always open for new design ideas, feedbacks and suggestions, so bring it on!



Live Love Laugh!

“Live love laugh” lettering in bright pink and metallics on purple cotton mix t-shirt. Designed and hand painted by equin-co™ .



I have been SOO busy this week, so I couldn’t even have time to capture and archive my creations, now I have time to sit on my but, and I can update you guys!


This is the order of the week, a “Live love laugh” tshirt, for two sisters..

The other one is brown cut out and inserted with white heart shaped fabric. Pure inspiration !

Enjoy the laugher, love and lovable life 🙂 More on that later!


“Live love laugh” hand painted in red, brown and silver on white cotton cloth sewn onto brown cotton t-shirt. Design and application by equin-co™


Cheers and Keep the Love Flowing!



Beauties From Istanbul Madonna Concert!

Woooo, a post worthy to start the week! A post you’ve all been waiting for…

Tugce being all flirty and says with madonna

Here goes footage from Madonna’s tour, stop: Istanbul. My collage buddy had me design her and her fellow concert-mates’ t-shirts for the show, ya know, t-shirts are a HUGE part of any concert!

Nuray and Tugce showin’ off equin-co T-shirts on the way

I’m pleased of the feedback, too, since they’ve so kindly uploaded the photos, tons of people have been ordering song lyric concept t-shirts!

Some of the comments on Tugce’s page also showed the intrigue from participants, asking where’d they got them!


Thanks, ladies, for voluntarily modeling for me, while having the most awesome time!

Enjoy some of the pics;

Ray of Light is easy to handle for Nuray
Music can play by, if you are this cute!
:)Having fun !
Don’t be “frozen” ,keep your heart Thiiiiiis Opeeen.

For folks who want  to catch Madonna’s next stop, she will be in Rome, June 12, Milan- June 14th and Florence in June 16.

Seems like an Italy trip is mandatory? 🙂

You can click here to buy online tickets or get more information.

Cheers everyone, have a great week!


Cookies, anyone?

Cookie Monster with “Cookies” caption hand painted in brown and pink on light yellow cotton t-shirt. Zip detail.



This just in; Ekin creates this ‘order’ in the lack of a plain t-shirt !

Luckily it turned out great and the client loved it 🙂 The pocket detail was a minor one, and I thought I could still pull of a little line *and* have a great design in the front.

But I didn’t want any fuss at any point of the shirt, so I thought “why not include it in the design?” The zip acted like a cute mouth to the monster and It made the client want to throw some actual cookies in! At least that’s what She said !!

Enjoy, everyone!!