Today, i shipped out a fresh new design, both featuring vespas, my favorite relaxing, vacationing, traveling tool. He apparently likes them so much, i made a “favorites” tee, with vespa featuring second place along with sushi and a computer. What? Yea, you read it correct. BUT,  more on that later!

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Bugun, yepyeni ve eglenceli bir tasarimimi yolladim. Tema, vespa idi. Iki yaptigim tisortte de basrolde oynayan, rahatlatici, tatili ve gezmeyi animsatici, bayildigim vespalar! Musterim de vespayi o kadar seviyormus ki, bir tisortte tek basina, digerinde ise sushi ve bilgisayar ile paylasti basrolu. Ne? Neyse, bunun hakkinda daha sonra aciklama yaparim, belki.. 🙂



My magical process of making these magical tees!
My magical process of making these magical tees!


"Good times" lettering and vespa illustration, designed and hand-painted by equin-co designs.
“Good times” lettering and vespa illustration, designed and hand-painted by equin-co designs.


"Good times" lettering and vespa illustration, designed and hand-painted by equin-co designs. (Close up)
“Good times” lettering and vespa illustration, designed and hand-painted by equin-co designs. (Close up)


Keep Calm!

keep calm


And yet another “Keep Calm” madness… It has been quite a hit and there are a million derivatives out there, but I wanted to add my own!

There are so many “bitchiness” and short tempers and madness in the world, let me be the one that spreads the moto- chillax, dude.

Have a great week!

xx Ekin

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Veee, bir baska “Keep Calm” cilginligina benden bir eklenti.. Simdiye kadar milyonlarca turevi olusturuldu, hepsi de tutuldu, ben de kendiminkini ekleyeyim dedim!

O kadar sinir, stres, sirretlik var ki bu aralar, kime baksam, “bir rahatla yahu” diyesim geliyor.  Onlara ve umursamadan yasayanlara gelsin bu seri!

Suppper haftalar!

xx Ekin



Keep Calm and stop bitchin keep calm- black













Join the Dark Side!

I have officially made this weekend a Star Wars weekend… Not that I like the series. The movies, the story, the oozing awesomeness of the delightful lighty blades and the clothes… Gaaah, yes I LOVE Star Wars! I love all the galactic greatness!

Ok, now that I have calmed down, I can show you the t-shirt orders for this past weekend..

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Bu haftasonunu resmen Star Wars haftasonu ilan ettim diyebiliriz… Yani, sevdigimden degil. Filmi, hikayeyi, goz alici isik sacan isin kiliclari ve savaslarin muhtesem gorselleri ve kiyafetleri! Aaah, tamam tamam, Star Wars’a bayiliyorum! Tum galaktik muhtesemligin hastasiyim!

Tamam, sakinlestim.:) Sakinlestigime gore, aldigim siparisin muhtesem tisort versiyonunu size gosterebilirim 🙂




Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration by equin-co designs.


First, I almost always do a sketch. A draft, if you will. Unless it’s a design that I have done before (and perfected it by practice) or I am feeling super crazy-risque and just like an artist, hehehe.

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Hemen hemen her zaman bir hazirlik skeci yaparim. Onceden yaptigim  (ve pratik ile kusursuzlastirdigim) bir tasarim ve deli cesareti geldigi zamanlar haric! Sanatci esintisi heralde hehehe.

Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration hand-painted on white cotton t-shirt by equin-co designs.


Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration hand-painted on grey cotton t-shirt by equin-co designs.




Join the dark side- lettering and Darth Vader illustration hand-painted on white and grey cotton t-shirts by equin-co designs.


And, VOILA! The result was much much closer to the sketch than I expected. Shall I also say better? The shadows on Vader were a bitch to work on fabric, but boy was it worth it!


–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

Veeee, Sonuc! Tisortler, skece bekledigimden cok daha benziyordu. Bekledigimden daha da iyiydi dememe gerek var mi bilmem 🙂 Vader’in yuzundeki golge oyunlari kumasa cizerken biraz zorlasa da, kesinlikle degdi!

Afiyet olsun :p



Steal like an Artist!

Hand lettered in color markers and digitized by equin-co™

A while ago, I saw Artists’ “golden rules” or “habits” if you like.

An awesome book is named “Steal like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. Read more about it here.

Being creative was thought wrong all along!

I simply love love LOVE everything this booklet of ideas has to offer! It’s basically pure artist common sense put to words!

I have awesome quotes to illustrate later on, now! Great source of quotes 🙂

A page from the book, you can come across it often on Pinterest.


Have a great and Creative week, everyone !


Everything has Beauty…

Hand lettered and digitized -equinco-all rights are saved.

I am a firm believer that everything around us exude beauty. Not the limited, one-way kind, but beauty of all sorts, all forms and shapes.

So as the cliche goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, I do agree to this whole heartedly. The description of beauty is as limited or as broad as the observer/describer of any medium.

This is a famous quote by Confucius, a Chinese philosopher and a personal inspiration to me. Check out more about him and his inspirational quotes here.

I will go a pinch further by saying what may or may not be right or wrong, beautiful and ugly, good or bad, we simply don’t KNOW! Seriously, far far back, society enforced some kind of rule book to decide which is which. (which, by the way, has restored faith in humanity by constantly expanding and taboo breaking by the day) (

As in a more spiritual way, I can say that If one raises oneself to see the most extraordinary beauty in the most ugliest person (figurative speech! As I, don’t even believe there is such thing as UGLY!) than that means humanity has come a LONG way, and there is hope for peaceful generations and prosperity.

I came to realization that world, as we know it, has been constantly changing towards a more perceptive way, rather than solely relying on physical features and monetary success.

This, eventually contribute to evolution process, and we, humans, may have a tiny hope into ascending towards manifestation of great things.

My lettering is an artsy way of merely symbolizing my “heavy” friday post… :)))

I am feeling a little emotional *especially* today, folks!

I hope you enjoy today’s lettering and have a LOVELY weekend !


25th Birthday… And More!

25 and awesome writing in blue, red and glitter, smiley face in yellow painted on white cotton shirt.


Ok, as I promised (better late than ever! ) I am posting more birthday photos. I mean, regarding design.. This one, I got so many orders, from fellow year-mates (if it is such a word :)) I was exhausted making 25-year-old t-shirts!

I basically wore this one three days in a row. All weekend, to all kind of family, friend, work celebrations:)

But, I didn’t make it ALL about me. (hard to believe, huh?)

I made these to my cousins to wear all together. Thanks to their unlimited contributions to my line of clients and their inner glow, they gave me enormous energy!

L’owl writing in pearl, lilac, red and green on cream cotton t-shirt


Winking Owl figure owlsome inscribed in metallic and red painted on navy blue cotton mix t-shirt


In another news, you can go to my instagram page, to purchase my artwork now!


I patiently waited for my gallery to open, apparently there has been people wait listed, because it ain’t that easy to get it. 🙂

Additionally, my two cents about the ongoing arguments whether the instagram photographer is a “real photographer” : I, personally think it really is questionable if  *everyone* on instagram is an artist. Don’t think so. But, and that’s a big BUT, there are some very very talented people on there, as well.

I am a little out of the subject to talk, because I don’t shoot landscape, or portrait or anything photograph-artistic worthy, I shoot my drawings, or collaborations (i.e. pretzel owls) so that kinda makes sense in a pop art form.

Although I agree with people  that stand against *everyone* who has a smart phone to act like an artist and sell their crappy shoots, I support this kind of attempts, because you never know, maybe everyone really IS an artist! I mean, who and what defines Art, anymore?


I talked too much today:)

Have a lovely week and hope everyone has celebrations, birthdays, etc to have fun on this week!




Birthdays Are Great!

Hand lettered in ink on paper and digitized

Past saturday was my 25th birthday, so I put this onto my Facebook cover! Festive, huh? I also made a matching t-shirt to go with it, but my friends took all the pictures, and I never had any time to take a decent web-site worthy picture of it! So more to come in the next post 🙂

It was a weird feeling, though, turning 25, a quarter of a decade.. But it was such a relief that I got to celebrate it with my old(er) friends! They kept commenting “Oooh, you are such a baby, you still are a young little thing!” so I felt a little better:)

Don’t get me wrong, though, I *do* know 25 is a young age, so is 30, but in my personal journey, I felt different, numerically and psychologically.

So, feel festive, today, people! It’s a great beginning to the week, sunny and warm may :))